Magnetic pockets, magnetic stickers


Magnetic pockets are used in stocking file operations for rack marking or for the marking of production processes. The document stored in such pocket is mobile and it can be replaced very easily. The document is protected against dust and dirty.

More about magnetic pockets

Since 2006, we have been selling the magnets online in the British market

In our e-shop you can buy 32 various shapes and sizes of the magnetic stickers.
In our stock we have more than 12 000 magnetic stickers pieces.
By clicking on a pocket picture, magnetic stickers offer of a given shape is displayed.

Magnetic stickers parameters

Stock cards

Magnetic pocket with a stock card you can place directly onto the shelf systém to the place which is the most suitable for you..


We offer pockets in the three basic sizes business card, A5, A4, A3. By request we are ready to produce various sizes.

Various utilization

Other magnet pocket utilization techniques depend just on your phantasy. :-)


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